Commercial Lighting

“I love this place!”

Have you ever walked into a commercial space and admired the lighting system?

Most likely not, unless you’re in the trade. Really good commercial lighting usually doesn’t call attention to itself. Rather, it allows us to see everything we need to see in the very best light. In retail spaces, good lighting highlights the products for sale, showing them off in their best light and allowing the customers to quickly find what they’re looking for. In an office, classroom, or workshop, good lighting reduces eye strain and improves mood, enhancing productivity. In a restaurant or spa, the right lighting creates a special ambience that elevates the customer experience, inspiring them to return and tell their friends about how much they love a place.

“I don’t know where to start…”

Many times, business owners recognize the need for better lighting, but need help figuring out what is possible with their space.

Consulting with an estimator from the Frederickson Electric team can bring awareness to the existing issues and possible solutions. In addition to suggesting cost effective improvements with the available infrastructure, we can help you recognize and plan for all the components of a good lighting system, including considerations such as available day-lighting, paint color, lighting placement, beam angles, warm vs. cool color temperatures, and color rendering index (CRI). In some cases, the services of a professional lighting designer are required, and we can refer one of the excellent designers we have worked with.

“I wish I had done this years ago!”

There is no question that a well-lit workspace is more comfortable and productive.

The most often thing we hear from a business owner after we complete a commercial lighting retrofit project is that they didn’t realize what they were missing and wished they had done the project sooner. As commercial spaces age, grow, and change, updating the lighting is all too often overlooked. All light sources, even LEDs, experience a decline in the light they emit as time passes, through a process called lumen depreciation. Because this process occurs gradually over time, it often escapes our notice, and we end up living with substandard lighting until a fixture fails completely.

The good news is that all the old lighting fixtures that suffer the worst lumen depreciation, such as fluorescent and metal halide, can be upgraded affordably by taking advantage of utility rebates on efficient modern LED fixtures. Frederickson Electric works with the electric utilities in our service area to connect our customers to commercial lighting rebate money. In some cases, the retrofit projects can pay for themselves in just a few years with energy efficiency gains and provide significant long term electric bill savings along with increased productivity and comfort.

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