Commercial New Construction


There are few things as exciting or as important for a business than the construction of a new building, whether it be to facilitate a move from a rental to a purpose-built space, or an expansion on an existing property to accommodate growth. Frederickson Electric, in partnership with area builders, has helped countless local businesses create a new space of their own, optimized for their unique needs.

Owners bring the knowledge of all the components of their business and how they need to work together for a successful operation, but sometimes mapping those onto a new plan can be a daunting proposition. With experience across a broad range of businesses, the Frederickson Electric team can make helpful suggestions to fine tune the plans for an efficient and productive workspace.

Frederickson Electric Partners with the Commercial Building Owner.

After plans are completed and contracts signed, the Frederickson team is committed for the duration of the project.  A dedicated project manager in our office keeps all the details organized and is only a phone call away when questions arise. Starting with utility planning and temporary power services, our goal is to keep the project on track. A pre-construction walkthrough allows property owners the opportunity to visualize the electrical design as they move through the building and make any desired changes. In most cases, pricing for changes is communicated before we start the rough wiring, keeping stakeholders up to date on project cost.

Throughout the rough wiring phase, our team communicates with the property owner, builder, architect, and other trades to be certain that the plans are followed, and no detail is overlooked. Speaking of details, when it comes to craftsmanship, Frederickson Electric has a reputation for clean and beautiful wiring. We do not believe in getting sloppy just because most of our work will be covered. Our pride in craftsmanship is readily apparent from the electrical panel makeup to the neat parallel conduit runs. 


As one of the last teams to work on the building before the walls and ceilings are covered, we keep a look out not only for our own responsibilities but also as a second set of eyes on all the other building components, looking for mistakes that are much easier to fix at this stage than later down the road. After rough wiring is complete, we set the stage for all the trim work that follows by consulting with the builder to be certain they have what they need for temporary power and lighting.


Trim-out is our time to shine, installing all of the devices and light fixtures, and hooking up the new business equipment. Excitement builds as the electrical and mechanical systems come to life with each new wiring connection. After the final touches, the building is complete.

After move-in, business owners find that Frederickson Electric is there to support them for the long term. Their project manager is available to answer questions, replace lost instruction manuals, assist with programming, etc. The electrical plans and project photos are backed up to the cloud and at our fingertips to provide support long into the future.

Our general contractor clients come back to us time and again because they know that experience and reliability are paramount to a successful commercial project. The Frederickson Electric team prioritizes new construction schedules, knowing that delays are costly and frustrating for the entire project team.

We strive to always be ready to answer the call when our new construction customers need us.

We are a full-service commercial building electrical contractor.
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