Commercial Tenant Improvements

When a business moves into a new leased space or upgrades an existing property, it can be a tricky balance deciding how much to invest in improvements.

When it comes to the electrical systems, extracting the maximum impact from the existing infrastructure requires an experienced team. Frederickson Electric has a long track record of adapting commercial spaces for new businesses, including in many of the historic buildings in our service area.

Once a new lease is signed or an existing space closed for renovations, time is of the essence. Tenant improvement projects usually have short timelines so that a business can start operating as soon as possible. This scenario demands the knowledge and skill that only an experienced commercial electrical team can provide. Frederickson Electric provides a dedicated project manager who is readily available to answer questions, suggest efficient solutions, and keep in mind the deadlines that must be met for a successful outcome.

Businesses rely on our project managers to help plan their electrical upgrades in detail. Before a tenant improvement project begins, our team will gather all the electrical requirements, whether it be for lighting, equipment, communications, comfort, or entertainment. Now is the time to consider and plan for potential future needs as well. Once all the requirements are known, they are mapped as effectively as possible on to the existing electrical system. In some cases, alternative solutions are offered that make more efficient use of building resources. Once the plan is agreed upon, work can begin.

Much like residential remodeling, demolition of existing infrastructure can uncover new challenges that need to be met head on with creative and efficient problem solving. Again, a project manager is a phone call away to find quick solutions to issues that crop up during the building process and keep the project on track.

Few things are more satisfying for the commercial electrician than seeing a business owner smile when they turn the lights on in a new workspace and see their dream become reality.

Our Tenant Improvement Services Include

  • Interior & exterior lighting upgrades
  • Adding circuits for receptacles and equipment
  • Electrical service upgrades
  • Electric vehicle charging solutions
  • Building Sign lighting
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Building Ventilation systems
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Network cabling and Wi-fi systems
  • Audio and video systems

We are a full-service commercial building electrical contractor.
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