Electric Wall Heaters

Electric wall heaters are a low-cost solution for heating individual zones throughout a building, and can work in conjunction with ductless heat pumps and smart thermostats to provide efficient heating at an affordable price point.


  • No energy is wasted circulating air through ductwork.
  • Maintenance requirements are minimal.
  • Work well alongside ductless heat pump systems.

logo starburstWith over four decades of experience installing and maintaining electric wall heaters, we can help you choose the best product for your needs.

A Heating Solution To Fit Any Space!

Small bedrooms, bathrooms, craft, and bonus rooms are the kinds of spaces that often aren’t served well by efficient heating systems such as ductless heat pumps, because it can be impractical or expensive to provide additional heating zones for these areas. That’s where electric wall heaters come in. They can serve as a primary heat source for detached spaces, or simply as a backup to the main heating system during extremely cold weather. Installation is as simple as running a wire to the desired location and mounting the heater. No bulky ducts or cumbersome copper pipes to install.

Convectair – Quiet, Efficient, Flexible.

Convectair heaters are the most popular electric wall-mount units we offer, for good reason. Using a specially designed heating element, they offer the silence of the best electric baseboards with much better air movement and a highly accurate built-in digital thermostat to provide even comfort throughout a space. A high quality product manufactured in Canada, Convectair heaters are available in a flexible range of widths and heights to fit under windows or on narrow walls.

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