New Construction HVAC


Frederickson Electric has always partnered with local builders to bring our uncompromising quality and craftsmanship to new homes and commercial buildings. Each new project is a team effort, and we see our role as supporting the architect and builder in their efforts to bring the owner’s dreams to life.

Sometimes an architect has everything planned out and we provide the critical technical know how and deep product knowledge to translate the drawings into reality, with all the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems working smoothly as intended. In other cases, the architect leaves the HVAC design up to the client, and we sit down with the owner and builder to design the system according to the owner’s preferences.

After plans are completed and contracts signed, the Frederickson team is committed for the duration of the project.  A dedicated project manager in our office keeps all the details organized and is only a phone call away when questions arise. A pre-construction walkthrough allows owners the opportunity to visualize the HVAC design as they move through the building and make any desired changes. In most cases, pricing for changes is communicated before we start the rough-in, keeping stakeholders up to date on project cost.

Throughout the rough-in phase, our team communicates with the owner, builder, architect, and other trades to be certain that the plans are followed, and no detail is overlooked. After rough-in is complete, we set the stage for the next phases by consulting with the builder to be certain they have what they need for temporary heat.

Trim-out is our time to shine, installing the new heating, cooling, & ventilation equipment that transforms the building from a job site into an oasis of comfort. Excitement builds as the mechanical systems come to life and the building nears completion.

After owners move in, they find that Frederickson Electric remains responsive to their needs. Their project manager is available to answer questions, replace lost instruction manuals, assist with programming, etc. The HVAC plans and project photos are backed up to the cloud and at our fingertips to provide support long into the future.

Our builder clients come back to us time and again because they know that experience and reliability are paramount to a successful project. The Frederickson Electric team prioritizes new construction schedules, knowing that delays are costly and frustrating for the entire project team. We strive to always be ready to answer the call when our new construction customers need us.

We offer a full range of heating, cooling, and air quality solutions with an emphasis on comfort and efficiency.
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