HVAC Repair & Service


Like your automobile, the performance and longevity of a heating, cooling, or ventilation system depends on regular maintenance and timely repairs. Without proper maintenance, your system is most likely to fail at the worst possible time, when it is being pushed to the limit by extreme weather.

Scheduling regular maintenance not only ensures that your system lasts longer and operates more efficiently, but it also allows you to receive early warning notifications about when your system will likely be due for replacement, allowing you time to plan for the expense and schedule the work when it’s convenient.

We Service All Major Brands of Electric HVAC Equipment

At Frederickson Electric, we specialize in electric heating systems. We do not service or maintain gas or oil heating systems. If you have a failing gas or oil heating system, we are very happy to show you the options for converting to a new electric heat pump system that is cleaner, healthier, more comfortable, and more economical to operate.

When you schedule a service call with Frederickson Electric, our goal is to thoroughly explain what we find with your electric heating, cooling, or ventilation system. We’ll suggest a recommended course of action that will give you confidence in your comfort throughout the year. Ideally, this is with simple preventative maintenance that keeps your system in tip top shape. Sometimes though, you may be faced with a more expensive repair that may not be a wise investment in an older system when problems might recur. An experienced technician from our team will explain your options and let you choose the best solution for your situation.

We keep detailed records of all our service work, to better inform future visits to a property. If you’re the new owner of an existing home in our service area, there’s a good chance we’ve worked on your house before.

We offer a full range of heating, cooling, and air quality solutions with an emphasis on comfort and efficiency.
Contact us today to see how we can electrify the comfort of your home or business.