HVAC System Upgrades


Whether your heating & cooling system is simply worn out and due for replacement, or just can’t keep you comfortable, the team at Frederickson Electric is ready to design and install your new comfort solution.

As a Daikin Comfort Pro, we offer a full line of ductless and ducted heating & cooling systems, utilizing the latest heat pump technology. If you have been living with an older single-stage heat pump or oil/gas burning furnace, you will be glad to know that new inverter-based heat pumps offer both better comfort and higher efficiency.

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If you are replacing a worn-out ducted heat pump system that kept you completely comfortable with no complaints, we can give the system a quick once-over and provide a free quote for replacement with similar equipment that can efficiently provide the same comfort for years to come.

Learn why heat pumps are easier on your wallet and the environment with this video.

Perhaps you have an electric, gas, or oil furnace and a well installed duct system, and you’re eager for the air conditioning and lower energy bills that only a heat pump system can provide. Or maybe you’ve been living with electric unit heaters or a propane fireplace and are interested in a ductless heat pump system. We can confidently recommend and provide a free quote for a new system that will provide superior comfort in many of these scenarios.

However, if your old system wasn’t ever able to maintain a comfortable indoor environment in all weather conditions, we might need to take a more holistic look at your building. It’s possible that the existing system is over or under sized, or that your space suffers from extensive air leakage or poorly insulated areas. Perhaps you have a poorly designed duct system that isn’t effectively circulating the air. In these scenarios, we offer a paid “comfort consultation” to do the investigative work necessary to determine what the structure really needs to be comfortable. The comfort consultation includes a blower door test and thermal imaging so that we can pinpoint any problems with the thermal envelope and recommend air sealing and insulation work that will increase comfort and reduce energy costs. Once we have gotten to know a structure through the comfort consultation process, we can confidently propose a solution that guarantees your comfort, and the fee for the comfort consultation can be applied to the installation work.

When you have decided on a plan to upgrade your heating & cooling system, the experts at Frederickson Electric are ready to install the new equipment utilizing the best practices and workmanship that will ensure your new system performs at its best, year after year.

We offer a full range of heating, cooling, and air quality solutions with an emphasis on comfort and efficiency.
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