Radiant Floor Heat

Electric in-floor heating is used to achieve the luxurious comfort of soothing radiant warmth from the floors in your bathroom, kitchen, or throughout the home. Frederickson Electric offers options for most floor types. It’s important to plan ahead during your new construction or remodel project to take advantage of this modern luxury.

Electric Heat Mats

Electric heat mats are the ideal solution for individual rooms with stone or ceramic tile floors, which can be heated to a toasty 90 degrees or even warmer. For other types of floors such as engineered wood and some resilient flooring, electric heat mats can also often be used, as long as an in-floor temperature sensor sets a limit at 82 degrees, which is the maximum allowable temperature for many flooring manufacturer warranties. The heat mats are incorporated in a thinset mortar or leveling compound installed between the subfloor and the flooring material, so this type of heating is primarily installed during new construction or remodeling.

Electric Heating Cables

For larger areas or whole home radiant heating solutions, it becomes more cost effective to install heating cable, spaced evenly across the subfloor or concrete slab by the installer. Unlike hydronic systems, electric radiant systems using cable are quick to install and naturally zoned, with a code-compliant installation utilizing a thermostat in each room, or group of rooms in an open floor plan.

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