Residential Remodeling

Hand installing electrical wiring in new home under construction

Whereas new construction projects proceed in a mostly orderly and predictable fashion, residential remodeling projects bring unique challenges. The role of the electrician in a remodel is to anticipate the tasks required to gracefully alter, extend, and replace the existing wiring to achieve the designer’s new vision while meeting current code requirements and being mindful of budget. When walls are removed, new challenges are often discovered, and the team must creatively and efficiently solve each one to keep the project on track. With decades of remodeling experience, the Frederickson Electric team is up to the challenge.

One example of where it pays to have an electrical team experienced with remodeling is when new appliances are selected. With a brief inspection of the existing wiring, a project manager on the Frederickson Electric team can advise on whether an existing circuit can be adapted to work with a specific new appliance, or if a new circuit will be required. When a costly new circuit would be required, we can often specify requirements for an alternative that will work with the existing wiring, saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in some cases.

Oftentimes in a remodel, the electrical work needs to be performed without removing the wall and ceiling coverings. Our team is equipped with the special tools and skills to fish wire behind drywall, plaster, wood, etc. Without the correct tools and know-how, an electrician can really struggle with wire fishing. Our electricians have the necessary tools at hand, such as fish sticks, flexible drill bits, and inspection cameras. We have seen enough old buildings to anticipate the hidden challenges of this work, and pride ourselves on our ability to quickly install concealed wiring with a minimum amount of damage to finished walls and ceilings.

Creative, outside-the-box thinking is invaluable during a remodel to keep costs in check and help the project proceed on schedule. With tricks and techniques developed over decades of remodeling experience, the Frederickson Electric team is an ideal partner for this work.

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