Smart Home Technologies

Smart home systems give you the ultimate in convenience, streamlining mundane tasks and bringing efficiency and comfort to new heights.  Gone are the home-automation systems of the past, where you needed a degree in computer science to use the system. Lighting, shades, television, home audio, heating & cooling, irrigation, and more can all be controlled by voice, touch controls, and the convenience of your nearest mobile device. Frederickson Electric offers a carefully curated suite of smart home technologies that are reliable and user friendly.

Home Networking


The foundation of a functional smart home is a robust and reliable network. A solid and stable home network allows your smart home components to quickly respond to your commands and operate smoothly. Frederickson Electric designs, installs, and configures commercial-grade Wi-Fi and wired networking systems so that your ‘smart home’ doesn’t randomly turn into a ‘dumb home’.


Lighting Control


How much time do you spend crisscrossing your home turning light switches on and off, adjusting dimmer levels, and checking to make sure lights weren’t left on? With Caséta™ and RadioRA3™ lighting control systems from industry leader Lutron, you can use voice commands or custom scene buttons on wall or tabletop controls to quickly set favorite scenes or turn off all the lights at once. Pull up to your home, and with the press of a button on your visor, your garage door will open, and a selected group of lights will turn on to guide you into your home. Set schedules for your exterior lighting that turn on at dusk and dim down or turn off when it gets late. The individual switches are still in place for intuitive control by family and friends, and the whole system is easily configured and controlled from the Lutron app on your favorite mobile device. Frederickson Electric is a Lutron PRO Residential installer.

Motorized Shades


Window shades are another type of lighting (and privacy) control that benefit from the smart home treatment. Lutron offers a wide selection of shade types and fabrics, and once you have experienced the convenience of adjusting all the shades in a room or throughout the home with the touch of a button or a voice command, you will never want to go back to the chore of controlling each shade manually. Easily set favorite scenes and automate privacy and energy savings by putting your shades on a schedule. Reduce glare and protect your furnishings by adjusting the shades to deflect the sun. Enhance your home security by closing all the shades when you are away. All these tasks become simple with Lutron Serena or Sivoia QS smart window shades installed by Frederickson Electric.

Home Audio Systems


Listening to music, radio, and podcasts has never been so easy and enjoyable. Frederickson Electric sells and installs Sonos smart home audio systems, often paired with high quality architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speakers from Episode and Sonance. We feel that great quality home audio systems can be “heard and not seen”. Use a voice command or the Sonos app on your favorite mobile device to choose a station or artist. Start a vinyl record in the den and listen to it in the bedroom. Listen to a game playing on the living room television while you’re in the kitchen. All of this is possible, and convenient wall controls in each room allow you to adjust the volume, play, pause, and skip to the next song. Play the same thing throughout the home, or let each person do their own thing in the room they are in. It’s easy with a home audio system from Frederickson Electric.

Home Theater Systems

Male hand is holding TV remote control, streaming on a smart TV.

By carefully selecting and coordinating audio and video equipment, lighting, and shades, Frederickson Electric can help create a true theater experience in your home. Easily manage all of the sources and components with an intuitive universal remote or mobile app. Let us take the frustration and complexity out of the experience so you can relax and enjoy the program.

Cell Boosting for Your Home


Many of our rural customers accept marginal cellular service as an inevitable tradeoff for living close to nature.  They are often surprised and delighted to discover that better cellular voice and data service is possible inside their home with signal boosters from Surecall. Frederickson Electric uses mobile signal boosters on our company vehicles to stay connected and is excited to offer built-in solutions that work with all carriers to raise the bars inside your home.

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